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We have developed hundreds of Web-based and interactive solutions for many world famous clients.
Here is a small selection...

Web-based Applications, Websites & CD-ROMs Epilepsy and Pregnancy  - UCB Cartenoire Coffee - Kraft Spring/Summer - Adidas - Pfizer
Epilepsy and Pregnancy
for UCB Pharma
"Cartenoire Coffee" for Kraft Jacob Suchard

"Spring/Summer" adidas sales launch

"" Website
Gulp - MD Foods (Lurpak) BioMedical - World Courier Qpresenter - Reebok
MD Foods (Lurpak)
BioMedical Website for World Courier, Brussels Website
QPresenter presentation tools for Reebok
Corperate Website - Fila Running Tech' - Adidas - GSK
Fila Corporate Website
'' Website
"Running Technology"
CD-ROM for adidas Website for GSK
"Worldwide" - World Courier Autumn/Winter - Adidas Targocid NeoRecormon
Soccer coaching Website
"Worldwide" World
World Courier, New York

adidas sales launch

Electronic Detail Aid
NeoRecormon Interactive Sales Aid
 3D Diskusinteractiv - GSK IMS - Partner 'STARS' - Adidas NeoRecormon Presentation
Management System

3D Diskusinteractive
"IMS Partner"
User training, for IMS
'STARS' Sales training
NeoRecormon Interactive Sales Aid
Impact of Asthma Survey Asthma Management Water Clean & Dirty - Yorkshire Water Managing Headache Accuhaler' Device - GSK
Impact of Asthma Survey,
"Asthma Management"
electronic Detail
"Water Clean & Dirty"
touch-screen public information kiosk
"Managing Headache"
interactive MedEd
'Accuhaler' Device, Launch materials
Health Outcomes 'Neoral' "Sales" - Fila UK Patient education for Optimal Healthcare Healthgain City" - NHS
"Health Outcomes" Simvastatin
cost-benefit model
'Neoral' drug interactions database
"Fila UK" Sales
presentation tool
Patient education for
Optimal Healthcare
"Healthgain City" NHS decision-support
Image Bureau Asthma Management Ulcer Mortality Statistics OTC Brands Catalogue Image Bureau
"Image Bureau", Image database
"Asthma Management Guidelines" MedEd
Ulcer Mortality Statistics
OTC Brands Catalogue
"Image Bureau", Image database
'Neoral' 'Serevent' 'Flixotide' Femoston 'Zantac'
'Neoral' electronicDetail Aid
'Serevent' electronic
Detail Aid
'Flixotide' Electronic Detail Aid
Femoston "HRT interactive CD
'Zantac' electronic Detail Aid
'Naramig' Singulair BS Quality of Life CD "Sales Force Recognition" Incentive system Naramig
Electronic Detail Aid
Singulair. electronic Detail
IBS Quality of Life CD
"Sales Force Recognition" Incentive system
"Naramig 2" CD-ROM
Flixotideis Five Lacidipine 'Innovace' electronic Detail 'Pylorid' Detail Aid  
"Flixotideis Five "
"Lacidipine CD-ROM"
'Innovace' electronic Detail
'Pylorid' Detail Aid


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